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THE SOUL SINGER is a play with music about a certified nursing assistant (CNA) who dreams of being a singer, but who works the night shift at a hospital taking care of three terminally ill patients. Late at night she writes and sings them original songs.


Originally written as a screenplay by 5 students and a teacher in a Team Screenwriting class, the script has been adapted by JT O’Neal, an award-winning indie screenwriter/director/producer, into a stage play.


In the spirit of teamwork and collaboration, the music for THE SOUL SINGER, will be similarly created by different composers and lyricists. 


This site,, was created to help find the songs that fit the story and characters. 


Each of the 8 songs selected for use in the play will be awarded $1000 per song


along with a split of the music rights for both the play and the movie.

Note: the goal is to workshop the play, then perform the play, then shoot the movie. 

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