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The current draft of THE SOUL SINGER can be found here.


Below are separate sections briefly describing each song. The lyrics included in this draft of the play are just place holders, to give an idea of what might be appropriate. But maybe you’ll have something much, much better! That’s what we’re hoping for. 


If you have a song (or can write a song and lyrics) that fits the characters, mood, emotions and story, please submit it here.  How often do you have a chance to have a song in both a play and the movie?

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Song 1, page 1, Before You Close Your Eyes

Song 1 has already been selected:

Before You Close Your Eyes, music by Carlos Jose Alvarez, lyrics by Shawn Davis.


This is an example of the mood, emotion, and meaning related to the story that all the songs should have.

 Click here to hear the song / Click here to view the lyrics

SS Millie.jpg

Song 2, page 6, Millie’s Gospel Song

This is a gospel song, similar to Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen. Millie has decided to decline chemotherapy or radiation treatment, in order to join her departed husband as soon as she can, and sings this heartfelt song. 

SS Ruth.jpg

Song 3, page 11, A Cowboy’s Dog (Country and Western)

The C&W song is sung by Ruth to Cody, a young cowboy undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia. Light-hearted and fun, it’s meant to cheer him up.  

SS Ruth 2.jpg

Song 4, page 21, Take Me Home Sweet Jesus (Gospel)

Ruth writes this song for Millie, and it’s about the pain of her life now, and how Millie is looking forward to joining Jesus and her husband in Heaven. The playwright would prefer to have the title actually be Take Me Home, Sweet Jesus. 

SS Preston.jpg

Song 5, page 29, Mom’s Song

Ruth sings this to Preston. It’s the song her mother sang to her, telling young Ruth she’d always be there for her. 

SS Preston 2.jpg

Song 6, page 40, Preston’s Song

Preston sings this to Ruth. It’s about what his life could have and probably should have been and that the grass is greener if there’s someone on the journey with you.

SS Cody.jpg

Song 7, page 48, Never Been Kisses (Doo-Woop)

Ruth and Andrew sing this fun song to Cody,

subtly hinting at Cody never have been kissed (by a guy.) 


Song 8, page 50, Preston’s Love Ballad

Preston and Ruth sing this song to each other. Yes, it’s a love song, with them falling musically in love with each other.  Something more unforgettable than Unforgettable should go here (good luck!)

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